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PLOT DETAILS : please mention the Plot selected here. We suggest you to select two more choices in case first choice is not available.
Plot no ( First Choice)   Plot Area (Sq Yards) Rate per Square Yard (in Indian Rupees)  
Plot no ( Second Choice)   Plot Area (Sq Yards) Proposed Payment Mode /

  ACCOUNT NO 52191012760

The customer/ Applicant/(s) seeks to purchase an Plot of the description aforementioned, in accordance with such terms and conditions as may be applicable in the Agreements/Deed to be executed between the customer/s and Goodlife Builders and Developers.P.Ltd ( Henceforth referred here in short name “GLBDPL”) in the event the Sale of the Plot is confirmed by GLBDPL .

As a customer/ Applicant I agree for the following terms and conditions of my Booking of Plot and sign here as token of acceptance of all the terms and conditions as laid here.

  • I/We certify that the above information is true and correct and I agree to abide by the conditions stated herein below.
  • I/we have gone through all the material and all information given in person and also in meterial and documents as shown to us or given to us by Goodlife Builders and Developers P.Ltd with regard to the Plot which we propose to purchase.
  • I/we have understood the contents of all the material which have been made available as well as inspected the location and thereafter made the booking of the Plot.
  • I/we understand that the application of the Plot by GLBDPL will be processed, subject to realization of the payment made by me/us towards booking advance.
  • I/we undertake to execute the Agreement of sale which has been furnished to me/us without making any further changes subject to payment made by me/us as per Payment Schedule given here . Incase I/we do not enter into Agreement of Sale or other Agreements for the Plot allotted, I agree that the Booked Plot shall get cancelled with no prior intimation and the Plot may be allotted to other applicants at discretion of GLBDPL.
  • I also agree that Cancellation charges & Administration expenses as applicable to the extent of Rs.25,000/- (Twenty Five Thousand Only) shall be levied by GLBDPL other than cancellation terms as per point no 13.
  • I/We will follow the Time bound Payment Schedule as attached here in this Booking form and any delay more than 7 days from the scheduled date, an interest at rate of 18% per annum will be applicable till the payment is made provided the Allotted Plot does not get cancelled.
  • I/We agree that any delay in payment for more than 30 days of the scheduled date as per time bound schedule, will lead to automatic cancellation of the Booking and no refund of any amounts will be applicable as it will be considered breach of the terms and conditions and payment schedule.
  • I/We shall have the right to terminate the Agreement of Sale until and no later than the execution of the Sale Deed, as per the terms and conditions set forth in this regard in the Agreement of Sale to be executed between me/us and GLBDPL.
  • I/We also understand that GLBDPL has applied for Layout permission with HMDA is in process of obtaining the permissions for the Layout and will be following the layout norms and guidelines as required.
  • GLBDPL shall have the right to carry out changes in any of the approved/pending for approval Plots/ as the case may be, in accordance with the directions of the HMDA/ Layout Designers, Project Engineers and I/We shall not object in the event of such changes being required by the HUDA / Project Engineers in the specifications of the Plot being sold to me/us. In unlikely event that GLBDPL does not get permission for layout or HMDA suggests changes to the Layout which effects my Plot or modifications to be done as per the Architect and designer to meet the long term plan for the Layout , I agree for GLBDPL at it's own discretion allot to me/us another residential Plot in the Layout, if available.
  • I/we agree that Goodlife Builders and Developers P.Ltd . will be entitled to vary the price at their discretion and that the same shall not be applicable to the pricing of the booking of the Plot made by me/us.
  • I/we understand and agree that Architectural features in the Layout affecting aesthetics, design, structure, changes in location of my plot or any of the changes in layout , shown in the Marketing brochures are indicative only. GLBDPL reserves the right to change the same as required and I indemnify GLBDPL against any claims or damages.
  • I/We agree that only 50% of the amount will be refunded in case I cancel my booking or allotment in case the Sale agreement or Sale Deed is not effected.
  • I / We agree that as a customer I can sell my Plot at a cost more than the booked cost at my own discretion including posting an Advertisements or Classifieds at my own cost with prior permission from Goodlife Builders and Developers.P.Ltd to avoid sale of Plots prior to completion of Layout.
  • I/we shall also pay the costs such as sales tax, service tax, VAT, deposit for electricity, water supply charges, sewerage charges and costs relating to extra works if any as may be required for the Plot as applicable.
  • I/We agree to bear all the relevant Charges as applicable for the respective Plot as levied by the respective authorities which includes Registration department for Stamp Duty and other Charges / APSEB/ APCDSL/ for Electricity and other utilities / Gram Panchayat/ Mandal Authorities for Charges including Betterment and other Charges / HMWSSB for Drainage and Sewarage and other Charges / Local Society and Community Charges as and when it is setup in the layout and all other charges as applicable for HMDA layout as per respective Authorities as applicable till the possession of Plot and post possession of the Plot. (These costs that are mentioned at the time of booking are approximate).
  • I/we understand that this booking form is subject to jurisdiction of courts at Hyderabad, India.
  • I/We agree that all disputes will be resolved amicably with team at Goodlife Life Builders and Developers.P.Ltd and if still not resolved, it will be escalated to Goodlife Management for amicable solution and incase if still un resolved, the same will be resolved by arbitration with a sole arbitrator appointed by GoodLife Builders and Developers.P.Ltd and I/we agree for the decision given/ made by the Arbitrator and all costs for arbitration will be borne by me/us.
  • I/we agree that incase of cheque returned unpaid Rs.1,000/-(One Thousand Only) incident will be charged.
  • Incase I/We want to swap to any other Plot, subject to availability of the Plot, I/we shall be paying an administrative charge to Goodlife Builders and Developers.P.Ltd @ Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) per incident apart from the additional cost towards additional space and prevailing price at that point. I also understand that the swapping option is available for swapping to a bigger size Plots only.
  • I/We undertake to follow all the terms and conditions as set out in the Agreement of Sale and Sale Deed shall be executed only upon fulfillment of all terms and conditions of the Agreement of Sale and the Title with respect to the said Plot shall pass to me/us only upon the execution of the Sale Deed.
  • I also agree that I/We shall not be undertaking any construction activity including Walls or Structures or any such work in the allotted/Booked Plot Area untill the final Layout is completed and HMDA releases the approved final Layout and respective authorities permissions are obtained by individual Plot owners for construction as per terms applicable at such time.
  • Payment of Booking Amount will not automatically get allotment of Plot unless and until the Plot Allotment Letter is issued and eventually till the Sale Agreement is completed.
  • I agree to follow the given schedule as here for payments on direct purchases and follow installment payment schedule for Installment purchases.

Sl No Stage / Schedule Percentage of Total Value arrived on Cost of Plot Installment Scheme
1 Booking Amount along with Booking Form 15% of Plot Value or 50,000/- which ever is higher 10% of Plot Value
2 On Allotment of Plot and confirmation within 30 days. 35%

EMI ( Equal Monthly Installment) as per Schedule till completion of the Value for Registration

3 On Agreement of Sale  of Plot within 30 days. 50%

I confirm and agree to the above terms and conditions of purchase and as well booking for plot at Rainbow city layout of Goodlife Builders and Developers.P.Ltd.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        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